Workout Manager - Android Application Developed by Cryptex Technologies

Every Gym premises is occupied by a huge number of people and keeping record of workout regime of all the members is very crucial. However, keeping track of workout plan of all the members is a time consuming and error prone job.

Cryptex technologies have come up with a sound solution to this problem. The solution is in the form of an application (web and mobile) named “Workout Manager”. Every gym is provided with a unique identification code and all the members will be given a specific Id.

Benefits :

  • Usually, gym trainers provide workout plans to members on a piece of paper and members need to carry that paper everyday to gym to know about what they are suppose to do. In case of misplace of that paper, both members as well as trainers find it very difficult to track the lost plan. Instead, every member carry their mobile phone and having the whole workout plan on the phone makes the process easy and convenient.
  • Secondly, when any member move out of the city for some duration, then also carrying a paper based plan is not a comfortable option. Instead, having an updated plan to phone makes the workout more streamlined.
  • Based on the requirement of a member, trainer can also upload the diet plan. Member simply need to login using there id and whole of their workout and diet plan gets visible to them.
  • Members will not have to depend on anyone for knowing about their workout regime.
  • Workout and diet plan of members are not static, instead, trainers keep on changing the plans. Our application keeps a complete history of all these plans. This helps in identifying that whether the plan is working for them or not.
  • If a members relocates to a new city, then having the workout and diet record will be helpful for the new gym trainer to create an appropriate plan for the same member.
  • For those members who are not very familiar with application usage, for them we have also set a web based application. Here, a common monitor will be set in the gym, members can log with their id and will get all the workout details.
  • There is a feature known as WOD i.e. Work of the Day, this is a common plan for multiple members. For instance, there are 30 members performing similar workout, trainers can give a common workout plan for all of them and can also track the speed by which every member finishes the allotted task. This way it becomes a social activity for encouraging other members of the group.
  • Newsletter facility is also available on the application, so gym authorities can send newsletters and other notifications to all the members of the gym.