Offshore System For Student Management Software Development

Offshore System for Student Management is an Administrative management web application fully featured to manage the Student information for university throughout admission process

The website is an online tool which will provide an online platform to make ease the complete process of Data Entry for various roles.

The Application will provide access to all the roles using a single Login. The application will be bifurcated into various tabs based on roles and reports.

Features of OSSM :

  • Admin Dashboard : An admin dashboard where user can navigate to the Dashboard page.The dashboard has options of viewing the student application checklist, interview scheduling,feedback, advanced search functionality, along with the financial document submission and COE.
  • Maintains status of the Student : Maintains status of the student’s interview and every detail throughout admission process.
  • Report Generation : It generates daily, monthly and yearly report of students.
  • Graphical representation for reports : Bar graph Analysis page displays the graphical presentation of Trend Analysis for reports. User can compare and analyze reports as per dates, country and agent.
  • Export data in Excel / PDF : User can export data in excel or pdf format.
  • Advanced Search : An Advanced search functionality helps you to find easily the content and records for any field. On clicking “Search”, the user will be directed to another page where the Search results will be listed.

Benefits :

  • Integrated with a dashboard showcasing the various features of this application, you can easily navigate around to make your work easier.
  • A database of a thousand and more entries can be filtered according to the search requirement.
  • You can generate reports for specified time durations in the form of graphs and charts.
  • Another added feature of OSSM is that of accessing the information of the agent via whom the student has applied. This helps during future decision making, giving a constructive insight about the work done by each of the agents.
  • Having a consolidated application for admission procedure is a one-time solution for eliminating all the manual efforts and errors. Contact us if your needs are similar to this and we will build you a smooth application platform.