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Home Inspection products obviously serve as best option for various professional levels of Home Inspectors. With the help of HG Companion, one can go out in field for inspection process to collect relevant data and later on, transfer it by the help of cloud HomeGauge operating on MS Windows based computer system to complete the report and deliver it to customers.

Currently, our users will be able to get latest version of Home Inspection Software as 5.1.34, which has successfully fixed three major crashes for automated saving of reports, opening reports and saving important photos.

HomeGauge is Available with Templates

HomeGauge is available to customers in standards with suitable templates capable to protect different types of buildings or properties, like single-family homes, commercial buildings, multiple family residences, condominiums and four-point inspections, new phases of construction and proper support for TREC or Texas format.

Moreover, the latest Home Inspection Software lets users to create templates on their own for almost every type of inspection they require to do. If this is not enough, HomeGauge has obtained its wide application to provide technical support and relevant marketing tips for progress of business.


Our Home Inspection Software has countless interesting features and provides innumerable benefits to different types of buildings or properties.

  • Uploading of services or cloud transfer solutions
  • Restoration or backup of cloud computing software
  • Live support to customers with the help of phones
  • Inclusion of software upgrades options to allow users in enjoying countless special features
  • Clickable agreements available with the help of internet
  • Force payments or accept different types of credit cards
  • Support to different languages as Danish, English and Swedish
  • Available in ultimate size of 6.6 Mega Bytes and with Mobile Ready feature
  • One-year warranty from Global Home USA at the uploaded report to provide protection to users from their liabilities