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Our Web application allows labels, artists and owners of various musical content to promote, distribute and market content across different types of digital stores, tastemaker blogs, social media platforms and keep a proper track of results. We distribute musical collections to varieties of digital contents stores, including YouTube and iTunes.

In this way, we provide our customers with highest possible sales and social analytics, so that you may get insights into what and where you were selling your musical collections and even to whom. Our professionals assist you to take action based on changes in demands promptly and target fans at various sources by simply providing transparent access to discovery and sales analytics.

Features Of Our Offered Solutions

Innovative Web Application

Web application, where users will get the opportunity to upload albums and tracks for their distribution on different DSP platforms, such as iTunes, Google and Youtube. Especially, we have worked with one of our clients as DashGo in this regard and offered huge satisfaction to respective client.

Royalty Files

Uploading of royalty files in varying formats, such as .txt, .xls and similar others offered by DSP platforms or digital music distribution software and ease calculation of revenues for labels and artists.

Sign Up and Upload Files

To allow both labels and individual artists for signing up with our websites and upload their music collections or songs based on their own choice. In addition, we allow them to focus on digital music distribution development and allow artists/labels to distribute and sell their songs in varying musical websites.

Royalty Processing

To provide royalty processing, label deals, auto corrective royalty records and royalty reports to our online users. In fact, we put our best possible efforts for managing royalty account process that further leads to huge growth and long-term success for our clients. Generation of royalties on monthly basis and tracking of sales trends or finding sales results within less time as possible.

Auto Correction

We provide with the Auto Correct option for various royalty records, so that it amends mistakes related to spelling in the name or other details within less time. In this way, software eradicates difficulties, which may likely arise at the time of displaying results, trends and processing of payments. Hence, in case the name of any artist or label is written with wrong spelling, he or she does not have to worry about anything, as our special software can easily fix the issue and makes sure of guaranteed payments and results.

Load Balancing Facility

We integrate multiple servers to maintain a proper balance in between distribution and encoding loads and thereby, provide ultimate load balance solutions. In other words, we use instances to maintain proper balance of the load that mainly takes place whenever the portal faces huge load because of song upload procedures or registration. Another noticing fact about our service is that we provide instances only whenever labels or artists need them during upload of their musical contents.

Sales Analytics

Sales analytics aimed at tracking performance of the platform across large numbers of social networking platforms.