Digital Music Distribution Software

DashGo allows artists, labels, and content owners to distribute, promote, and market content across digital stores, social sites, and tastemaker blogs and track the results. DashGo distributes to digital content stores from iTunes to YouTube. DashGo provides deep sales and social analytics to give you insight into what and where you’re selling and to whom. We help you react quickly to demand changes and to target fans at the source by providing transparent access to sales and discovery analytics.


  • A web application where the user can upload the tracks and albums, images to distribute on different dsp sites like google, youtube, itunes etc.
  • The flexible functionality where the user can upload any format of track file like mp3, wav, flac so that it can be encoded into different formats and can be distributed to different dsp sites depending upon required formats.
  • The administrator can upload the royalty files in different formats like xls, csv, txt. provided by dsp sites and calculate the revenues for the artists and l abel user’s earned by their distributed albums.
  • The encoded
  • tracks can be stored on cloud storages like amazon S3.
  • The assets can be download from amazon s3 when ever required for distribution.

Benefits :

  • Best and efficient application which can be able to manage over more than 25,000 tracks world wide for downloading, streaming.
  • Best in class xml metadata and delivery functionality.
  • Generate royalties monthly and see sales almost instantly.
  • Social analytics helps you in tracking performance across many social networks.
  • DashGo provides upc’s, isrc’s, encoding and delivery to hundreds of most popular dsp’s (digital service providers) like youtube, google, spotify.