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Chefsheet-Inventory Management Software
Inventory management application

Chefsheet - An Inventory Management Software

designed for restaurants helps in increasing the assets life and avoid downtime. Availability of products on time is very essential for maintaining an optimised supply chain. An appropriate inventory management application helps in tracking the inventory, this in turn, minimise costs, increase productivity and improves customer service.

Briefing of Our Work Samples:

On the basis of the requirement, the inventory management application will allow users to count everything in the restaurant inventory store room by store room in one pass. No more spreadsheets and clipboards are required neither for counting the inventory nor for ordering. Restaurant inventory management app is the most powerful tool for every restaurant, with the help of this one can shop and compare prices of all the inventory items, such as meat, dairy products and all the rest. The application effortlessly track price changes over time and report on many other elements related to inventory.

The Interface

The interface of our inventory management application is very simple and user friendly. Buttons provided in the application are click-able, intuitive and of the right size (neither too big nor too small). Navigation bar present in the app keeps the users aware of exactly where they are in the application, Finally, user will have a complete control on the various features, like creating inventory records, activity indicator, date picker and more. Temporary view are also available to show warning and any changes made in the application set up.


The test driven development cycle incorporates a number of steps, which include the following:-

  • One can track their inventory using their phone, which is very convenient and manageable.
  • Restaurants face problem in maintaining a correlation between the units in which products are purchased and the one in which they are issued. For example, when they purchase eggs they purchase them in dozens but when they issue them, they do the same in numbers. Hence, this difference creates problem and makes the inventory tracking process time consuming. However, with inventory management application you could easily streamline the procedure efficiently and in less time. Our application comprise of an auto convert option to handle the variation in inventory measurement units.
  • Usually, inventory is stored in underground or closed areas where internet network may not be good all the time. With our inventory management application you can update the inventory manually and once you come in the network area application will sink the data automatically
  • Our application also keeps a track of price fluctuations along with the location where your require items are available. This will save time and will avoid loss due to overstocking or inventory crises.
  • We understand that manager’s time is very valuable, which should be spent in serving good quality food and taking care of customers and not wasting time looking after the inventory. Our restaurant inventory management application manages restaurant supply chain and all the data related to inventory management – recipes, costs, items, and vendors.

Chefsheet Inventory Management Software
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