Bitcoin Wallet Creation & Payment Gateway Integration
Bitcoin Wallet Creation & Payment Gateway Integration

Cryptex Technologies hold significant experience in creating Bitcoin payment gateway Integration. Creating a gateway for the online transfer of Bitcoin is a job that calls for considerable experience, through technical knowledge and analyzing power. Cryptex hold expertise in all the aspects i.e. we have years of experience in creative payment gateway for Bitcoin, our development team has proficient command on technical knowledge and we also analyze different scenarios to test the security and reliability of the payment transfer system.

Out work is not limited to only creation of bitcoin payment gateway, instead we also implement a number of effective functionalities in any Bitcoin project we undertake. Some of the functionalities are:

Bitcoin Wallet Development


  • Wallet Creation (Using Blockchain API)
  • Wallet to Wallet Bitcoin Transfer
  • Payment using Bitcoin
  • Bill Payment using Bitcoin
  • Payment Gateway API
  • Exchange of Bitcoin with Local Currency
  • Payment through the QR code.

Usually, the Bitcoin payment transfer is initiated by a QR code, this code reveals the price of the product as well as the Bitcoin wallet address to which the Bitcoin has to be transferred. The process goes like, the bitcoin transfer process gets initiated when the merchant enters the price of the item on the website and user clicks on the purchase button. This way user lands on the API site. API then converts dollar or any other currency in to Bitcoin as per the latest exchange rate and the additional transaction charges and then generates a QR code. This code has the price of the product along with the Bitcoin wallet address.

Further, we also enable users to make their payment via GUID, but only those users who have their wallet on blockchain can use GUID for making Bitcoin payment. In this case, user will have to provide their GUID and password and then click on the confirm button. Immediately after this, Bitcoin will get transferred from user wallet to merchant's address. There is another option where users can simply click on the payment through Bitcoin option.

We design the following components of client's website, UI of Home Page, About Us, Pricing, Services, Why Payment Gateway API, Contact US, Sign Up, Sign In, Payment Details and Profile page of merchant

We provide 30 days support service to client on the live server from the date of delivery. The support request for any assistance need to me submitted to us by proper communication medium. We take a lead time of 24-48 hours to revert back on the status.

We have induced the following functionalities in the Noghi Website:

  • Database of Noghi is encrypted for the passwords.
  • Used “Devise” an authenticate rail gem.
  • Integrated API for tracking Bitcoin transactions and BitCoin wallet address.
  • Integrated BTC market where Bitcoins are purchased.
  • Created responsive UI for this website.