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Why Ruby on Rails Framework is Popular in Between Ruby Developers

Why Ruby on Rails Framework is Popular in Between Ruby Developers

Ruby on Rails is the acronym for ROR that serves as a framework of open source web application written mainly in Ruby programming language. This framework helps users to create internet applications and dynamic websites irrespective of the complexity associated with the project. The framework mainly resides on restful application design, while the creation of its software architecture remains across client-server relationships.

Key Principles of the Technique

Ruby on Rails operate with two key principles, where first one is do not repeat oneself and the second one implies convention rather than configuration, which make them relatively more efficient and less complicated from various other types of open source frameworks. In addition, ROR framework sidelines various prior assumptions and open new ways to design web applications emphasizing mainly on simplicity.

Benefits of Ruby on Rails

Until now, ROR has fulfilled large numbers of applications for modern business, based on which it has become popular in the web development industry. These are:

Market Launch Quickly as Possible

Programming process associated with Ruby on Rails mainly takes place at relatively fast rate and code length reduced to a huge extent. This leads to very less possible consumption of time related to website development process and thereby, launch of new website in the market within less possible duration.

Content Management

Whenever you intend to supply the website with video and audio files, ROR becomes an ideal choice, which provides users with easy navigation facilities at the time of browsing any website. If this is not enough, Ruby on Rails never allows users to compromise on scalability and performance associated with designed websites.

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