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Why Bitcoin Importance is Increasing Over the Years !!!

Why Bitcoin Importance is Increasing Over the Years !!!

Bitcoins are a very common terminology now. To let you know further about Bitcoin it’s a very popular cryptocurrency. As it’s a crypto currency it’s a virtual money and cannot be exchanged physically.

There are ways of using plastic money and most of the merchants use the way of getting the payment online. But while including this third party integration the merchant has to pay this third party and there is approximately 3% the merchant has to pay for every transaction made.

The way PayPal, Braintree, Ccavenue, and other payment gateway work the same way Bitcoin payment gateway can be integrated in a merchant's e-commerce site.Bitcoins are virtual currency and can be saved in virtual wallets. The merchant’s wallet will be integration in his application and the customer can make the payment through bitcoins which Will be transferred to the merchants wallet.

These bitcoins accumulated in merchant’s account can be exchanged to the local currency as and when required. Bitcoin payment gateway integration is a very easy to be implemented payment gateway and has a easy understandable documentations for the same.


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