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What is Automated Software Testing and When Choose Automation Over Manual Testing?

What is Automated Software Testing and When Choose Automation Over Manual Testing?

As software testing is moving from manual into automation at very fast speed, at times testers get into a scenario where they need to opt what needs to be automated, when to automate and why to opt for automated software testing?


If you are a software tester, this blog will help you to choose one from the two testing methods.


Software testers generally perform manual testing in the following scenarios:



1. When an application is at the initial stage of development. As application flow and feel and change over developing period it's better to go for manual testing then automating it. Automation can be done only when the application is stable.


2. When negative testing of the application is to be done because it's more reliable to depend on manual testing.


3. When regression is not required multiple times i.e. there are no multiple executions of test cases.


4. When there are some functionalities which cannot be automated like Captcha.




What is Automated Software Testing?


It is a process in which specific tools are used to execute scripts or test and compare the results. There are various tools available in the market to automate different types of software testing like QTP, Selenium, etc.


Starting with automation first need to take in consideration the following to avoid any confusion.


  • Is the build stable?

  • Does the application requires testing same functionality many times(Regression/Sanity/Smoke)

  • Will writing automated test case save time?

  • Do we have that much time to invest in automated testing?



If the answer to this question is YES then you can opt for automation testing for the application. Choosing the right framework for application is all dependent on what you are going to test.


And yes a team of experts for software testing to carry out the process is really important aspect followed by proper planning and strategy.


When to Choose Automated Software Testing?


1. Regression Testing: When we need to test the same test case or functionality multiple times. As testing the same functionality manually make people bore and error chances increase.


2. Large No. of Test Cases: When there is a large number of test cases to execute, it’s better to go with automation where just running the test suite will solve the problem.


3. Time management: As said above executing a large number of test cases manually will take a lot of time and money. So the time can be saved if we are using automation testing.


4. Performance: It's not possible to invest thousands of users to test the performance of any application. Automated testing can generate the required amount of user to interact with application and network.


5. Accuracy: It can be obtained with the help of regression/sanity/smoke testing: one has to just run the script. Manually there is a chance of missing any scenario.


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