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Use of Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab in Software Development

Use of Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab in Software Development

With every passing day, the demand for effective web applications are increasing at a very faster rate. Considering the stiff competition that is prevailing in the software industry, people look for output in the minimum possible time frame. In order to facilitate software companies in the fast development process some hosting services have been introduced. These web based hosting services provide web based repository for distribution revision control and source code management. There are many such online hosting services available but the most popular ones are Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab. Developers can use these software development tools for storing their codes for future reference.

The main advantage of using Github is that it is a distributed version control system. If some server dies, and these systems were collaborating with it, any of the client repositories can be copied back up to the server to restore it. You can also collaborate with different groups of people in different ways simultaneously within the same project.

There are a number of benefits of having a secured access to code repository:

  • It keep the track of your changes , admin can track the who added or deleted the codes.
  • These are version control. You can always go back to a previously committed code, or just recover certain files from a previous commit.
  • It superseded previous version control systems like CVS and SVN.
  • You can also easily provide access to other users, both on and off campus instead of needing to email or copy to a sharing service like dropbox.
  • It's helpful for people collaborating with other people.
  • It is very useful for working with distributed location.

Initially, some doubts were raised on the accessibility of the codes by different location. However, the concerned was resolved in a way that admin of the repository can access the repository from anywhere. They can simply log in to the respective hosting service provider such as Github, Bitbucket or Gitlab with the credentials.

Now, one common question that may strike the mind of majority of people is regarding the security codes stored in these sources. Well, answer to this question is that all these sources are very much secured because of limited access. It is admin who have all the rights to share the access and can do anything with the codes.

Cryptex Technologies, is one of the renowned software companies that have their own Gitlab server where they store their codes. These codes are solely used for their in house projects. This also helps them in saving considerable amount of among on Github and Bit-basket.


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