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Spree Integration in Ruby on Rails

Spree Integration in Ruby on Rails

Spree is a complete open supply e-commerce solution build with Ruby on Rails. If you wish to show a Rails app into a store that sells merchandise, then Spree is one in all the fastest ways to this.

It really consists of many totally different gems, every of that square measure maintained in an exceedingly single repository and documented in an exceedingly single set of on-line documentation.

You automatically require all of the below necessary gem dependencies when you use spree:

  • spree_api
  • spree_cmd
  • spree_core
  • spree_dash
  • spree_promo
  • spree_sample

All of the gems are designed to figure along to supply a completely practical e-commerce platform. It is also possible, however, to use only the pieces you are interested in. So for example, you could use just the barebones spree_core gem and perhaps combine it with your own custom promotion scheme instead of using spree_promo.

Installing Spree

Spree depends on ImageMagick to handle the image process it will thus we’ll need to install it before we are able to install Spree. The simplest way to do this is to use HomeBrew.

Cryptex Technologies make use of spree in building several e commerce websites.


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