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Specialties of Rails 5 in the Software Development Sector

Specialties of Rails 5 in the Software Development Sector

Core team involved in development of Rails has always known for major releases, which it releases on a period of two years. This time, Rails developers have come up with the latest version as Rails 5. To some extent, one can consider the new launch as point release in 4.x line based on upgrades or features. However, the fact is that latest Rail framework has dropped its support for MRI and thereby, becomes a latest change of the software development industry.

Some Features of Rails5 Version

Until now, features of latest rails version, which make top preference among modern web developers are mentioned here.

Rails 5 is able to perform its functions only on Ruby 2.2.1 and its higher versions Allows for merger of Rails Application Program Index into Rails The latest version of Rails framework is able to point towards the rack master.


Latest framework of Rail is different from any other alternative available in the industry because rather than simply replacing the element on any page tailoring of the response from the server side, Rails 5 replaces by default the entire body and allow users to specify about elements to be replaced according to opt-in basis.

Action Cable

Latest version of Rails developed by experienced developers is that it is able to integrate WebSockets in seamless manner with remaining part of the Rails application.

Running of Single and Multiple Files

Lastly, latest Rails framework helps web developers to operate a single test by simply appending a particular line number towards the filename, while it runs more than one file and directory simultaneously. Cryptex Technologies hold expertise in using rails 5 in the most explicit manner.


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