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React Technology Build Beautiful Apps

React Technology Build Beautiful Apps

React is not a framework; it is mainly a concept, libraries and principles that turn it into a fast, compact and beautiful way to program your app on the client and server side as well, which is developed and used by Facebook.

Why is it a game changer?

Like every programming concept, React has it’s own solutions, tools and libraries turning it into an ecosystem. In this ecosystem, you have to pick your own tools and build your own framework.You already know most of these tools, we will just connect them to each other. For example for dependencies we won't use any magic, rather Node's require and npm. It also provides different ways to organize your templates and gets you think in components known as Component-driven development. In a React application, you should break down your site, page or feature into smaller pieces of components. It means that your site will be built by the combination of different components. You can also reuse it somewhere else later. Think of it like the bricks of Lego.


  • Lightweight DOM For Better Performance.
  • Easy Learning Curve.
  • Isolation of the view layer and the encapsulation of responsibilities. Using React you can expect safe and easily understood data flow.
  • A desired interface can be created in a relatively easy manner.
  • Components Support And Little Dependencies.
  • We want to stay DRY and reuse a code base that we find stable and reliable.

In most of our Rails applications, we need technology that provides an easy way of developing rich encapsulated parts, scattered through different routes. In our opinion, React shines for this kind of job.

Virtual DOM

To track down model changes and apply them on the DOM, we have to be aware of two important things: when data has changed and which DOM element(s) to be updated supporting element creation, diff computation and patch operations for efficient re-rendering.


How to render on the server too?

React is also smart enough to recognize that the markup is already there (from the server) and will add only the event handlers on the client side.

JSX JSX is a JavaScript syntax extension that looks similar to XML. Recommended using JSX because it is a concise and familiar syntax for defining tree structures with attributes. XML has the benefit of balanced opening and closing tags. This helps make large trees easier to read than function calls or object literals.

How to test React app:

1. Test React apps with Jest which is a test framework by Facebook and has many great features. 2. Pass the properties to our component, trigger the possible events and check the rendered output.

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