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PayUmoney Integration

PayUmoney Integration

Payumoney offers electronic payment service to your website through its various partnerships with banks. Through payumoney your client would be able to make electronic payments through credit card or net banking or debit cart.

Payumoney also offers to merchant(owner of website) for online transaction details, settlement reports, analytic reports etc. There is two types of login is provided by payumoney one for buyer and another one is merchant.

PayUmoney Integration

1. Put gem ‘payuindia’ in gemfile and run bundle install.

2. We have to put this form where into where you want like cart page.

PayUmoney Payment Process

  • The consumer select the product on your website and clicks on “pay now” button.
  • The consumer get the transection page of payumoney. Here consumer will enter all payment related details Payu send the consumer details and account details to the right bank.
  • The bank verifies the consumer tell we there the transaction is success or failure.
  • Payu pass the customer back to merchant website along with the confirmation whether the transaction is fail or success.
  • Merchant shows a success or failure message to consumer.
  • Technical Integration

    The payment process flow to move the consumer from step1(click on pay now) to step 2(getting PayUMoney page from payu) post request generated need by merchent to following given url

    Production server:


    Test server:


    Response Status

    There is different types of responses status given by Payumoney

    • Not started – The transaction is not started yet

    • Initiated – The transaction has been started but not completed

    • Refunded – The transaction amount is Refunded

    • Partially Refunded – The partial amount Refunded

    • Failed – The transaction is failed

    • Completed – The transaction is successfully completed


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