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New Age New Methodology - Agile Methodology

New Age New Methodology - Agile Methodology

Software development is something all types of companies around the world are having to adopt. How they go about purchasing a custom software is a key to their success. There are two choices a company has when it comes to custom software.

1) Waterfall methodology.

2) Agile methodology.

Waterfall methodology is older than Agile methodology is basically a linear model of software design. Waterfall employs sequential codes and design process. In contrast agile proposes an iterative approach to software design. Agile methodology was born after the waterfall model in response to the shortcomings of the waterfall model.

The present situation of the software development market is inconsistent and unstable. Nowadays everyone seems to sell software development services, price ranges significantly, the companies are young and quotes are rarely transparent, etc. In order to sustain in competitive and inconsistent environment one should adopt an agile methodology. There are several ways agile methodology can help software development companies respond to the dynamic conditions of the market.

Transparency and pricing :

Agile contracts offer transparency: The Standard agile contract defines resource types, and resource dedication.

For example:

1) Project manager 50% dedication

2) .net developer 25% dedication

3) Senior .net developer 25% dedication

Clients actively participate in requirement definition and operating cost of the development team. Everything is discussed out in the open team. Time and cost related with every software functionality discussed openly with the development team.


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