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Increase Your Song Revenues Using Social Media

Increase Your Song Revenues Using Social Media

In the early days artists use to record songs and distribute on different DSP's which help them to make money. But, in an era of internet, distribution of songs on different DSPs is not sufficient for an Artist.. Social media presents an interesting opportunity. As music fans, most of us turn to Twitter or Facebook to keep updated about our favorite bands, whilst new tracks or videos will 99% of the time get their launch on social channels. This gives a complete popularity to the artist. Artist needs promotion on Social media along with distribution and royalty processing so that he earns more revenue.

There are many social media platforms for promoting music but facebook is one of the fastest medias to Promote Music and Generate Revenues

In order to increase your popularity on facebook you should have all of the following in place before running your ads.

1. Create an artist page first

2. Make your presence on facebook as an active member by posting on a daily basis

3. Online music sale should be listed

4.Content like videos, pictures and blog posts for your fans to interact with and comment on.

Benefits of Facebook Ads:

Facebook ads allows to learn about your audience, gain fans, and sell music by putting your ad in front of a very targeted group of Facebook users.

Facebook Ads does the following:

  • It will Drive traffic on your Facebook page
  • Get Likes for Your Facebook page
  • Advertise Your Facebook Event
  • Advertise any offer that links to a website outside of Facebook
  • Target specific Facebook users depends upon likes, age, region etc.

Targeting fans who already ‘Like’ you on Facebook

It’s common to spend a lot of time targeting new fans and forget to target the people that have already shown interest in your music. Most likely you have far more people that Like your Facebook page than have actually purchased your music. Facebook allows you to specifically target people who like your page, so why not make special offers for the people that are most likely to buy your music?

Cryptex Technologies will help you in the following Key elements of an effective ad

  • Focus on a call to action: A “call to action” is a line that basically says, “do this now.
  • Compelling Text: Since there is not too much space for text in facebook ads, hence the ad should be crisp and effective. Cryptex Technologies creates facebook ads which perform best.
  • A picture is worth a 1,000 clicks: Cryptex Technologies follows marketing research guidelines to upload images which will be clicked more often.


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