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Important Things About the Global Digital Music Distribution Revenue

Important Things About the Global Digital Music Distribution Revenue

The music industry is growing by the day. Nowadays, music is available on digital channels. If you have iTunes installed in your mobile phones then you can listen to the music of your choice. A significant percentage of the global music industry revenue is obtained from digital channels. Out of them, a certain percentage comes from streaming services that are subscription based.

If independent artists are contemplating of placing their music in digital stores then it can prove to be difficult, sometimes. It is because many stores do not accept submissions from independent artists. They focus on selling their music through a network of trusted companies. The concept of distributor is important thus. The distributors are entrusted with the task of getting the music to the stores. In the stores, nowadays, music is sold in compact discs, DVDs. In this context, it is relevant to state that there has been a sharp reduction in physical sales.

Correspondingly, there has been an enhancement in digital revenues. Distributors that earlier focussed on physical products now offering distribution digitally. Considering all this, it makes sense that developing own distribution is more profitable. For instance, if you consider about revenues obtained in 2015, you will find about 20 billion i.e. about 5 billion higher as compared to the data obtained during the last year. In addition, experienced people of reputed music distribution application, like for instance Cryptex Group has predicted that the figure will reach at extremely high during the upcoming 2020.

When talking about digital music, there is a broad variety of online stores and services, from where the distributors supply music. The stores deal with the distributors for proper delivery of the content. The different processes in the stores are run automatically. Having to handle a process manually is time consuming.

Because of this, distributors have developed software to automate the processes. In addition, if labels and artists opt to sell their music contents to online distributors, they may have to give some percentage as share say 15 percent to distribution for selling of music collections. In this situation, far better option would be to develop own software and thereby, save few bucks.

In contemporary times, the digital music distribution is quite popular. As already discussed, it is quite convenient and very much profitable.


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