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Highly scalable Royalty Processing is the Key to Successful Digital Media Distribution

Highly scalable Royalty Processing is the Key to Successful Digital Media Distribution

With the scenario of internet business and online promotion, large numbers of artists and labels have chosen to upload their songs and musical contents on digital media websites rather than following of traditional selling methods. On the other side, reputable digital distribution platforms have started offering individual singers, labels and other artists with advanced and safest modes to make money by selling their uploaded contents via internet. Especially, Cryptex Technologies offer a special facility of Royalty processing to benefit labels and to obtain success in the sector of digital media distribution. Significance of this technique will include:

Processing of Payments in Hassle-Free Way

Innovative Royalty processing software collects suitable royalty amount from varying music and media sources in DSP format and then, according to required format of clients, it processes the earned amount to respective clients, labels and individual artists without any difficulty and within less possible duration.

Aims at Boosting Efficiency and Accuracy Levels

Usage of advanced web-based solution for digital royalties boosts accuracy and efficiency and in turn, gives individuals with complete control on the workflow of revenue recognition and royalty processing. In fact, our reputable digital distribution medium lets clients to recognize revenue generated from different media sources, like ad-supported, subscription based and transnational sources.

Ongoing Support is Possible

Our sophisticated software solution and qualified technicians let labels and artists to receive ongoing support for their royalty processing services. For this, we cleanse and validate each data comes in your system.

Assures Creating Long-Term Success

Based on our experience in dealing with digital media platforms, we opt to follow key steps aimed at sound management of your royalty account processes, which would foster drastic growth, creates big success in the sector and simultaneously, maintain stability with various clients.


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