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Don't limit canvas only with LMS... It’s Beyond That

Don't limit canvas only with LMS... It’s Beyond That

In the current technologically sound world more and more are opting for web applications for taking their business to a new lateral. In the past few years, Canvas has evolved as one of the most popular learning management system (LMS) and is successfully adopted by many educational and corporate institutions. However, people have restrained there thinking to the fact that canvas can only be used as a Learning Management System. The fact is that Canvas is not limited to only LMS; instead, it is beyond that. Canvas can be effectively used for other domains as well; one of the most innovative ways of using canvas is for conducting Virtual expos.

Features in canvas can be proficiently used for commencing virtual Exhibitions, such as:

Registration of User Types: In any sort of exhibition, different group of people or companies set up their booths for displaying their product and services. For establishing a virtual exhibition there are both visitors and organizers. As whole of the process is done through online medium, hence, canvas provides different users different registration type. This helps is proper bifurcation of users.

Restrictions of accessibility as per the user type: With Canvas, one can create different types of users and based on their role can also define accessibility criteria. For examples: admin can have access to all the functionalities of the application, booth owners will have their own set of accessibility and so the visitors. This will maintain proper flow and confidentiality of data.

Allocation of number of Expos and Booths as per the subscription Plan: Canvas also offer monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual subscription plan for allocating defined number of expos or booths. This feature helps in keeping proper records of past as well as future expos.

Creation of Expos: Canvas acts as a medium for organizing different types of events. As everything is virtual, hence, the booths that are induced in the expos are also virtual that can be created using canvas.

Creation of Booths: Expos are incomplete without booths; this is so because booths signify the display of products and services in expos. Like expos, booths can also be created from canvas.

Video Upload: This is one of the most interesting features in Canvas, one can upload videos of past expos for giving the visitors can have an overview of how the expos are held. This gives them a sense of confidence. In addition, one can also create dummy videos of how they are planning for the upcoming expos.


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