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Digital Music Distribution Services

Digital Music Distribution Services

Artists or Bands create songs. These songs are recorded in the digital format like mp3, wav, aac etc. Every artist would like to promote their songs and make money out of it. This is possible by uploading the songs to different digital platforms like itunes, amazon, spotify. Listeners goto these websites to buy, download and listen to the songs. Each website send a revenue sheet with the amount that is collected by the digital platforms which are also called as DSP (Digital Service Provider). This is how an artist monetize the digital content created by him/her.

Digital Music Distribution

Know details of what music distribution is & how it works.

The process of uploading a song on a DSP is different for each DSP. Also keeping a track of revenue from each DSP is also time taking. Artists are more creative and do not like to spend a lot of time with the DSP in managing their contents. This creates a need of Music Distribution System.

Music Distribution System is one stop solution for uploading digital contents (songs) and managing the revenues. It has all the DSPs integrated in the system. The user can create an account on the application and upload the songs to be distributed. User can select the list of DSPs where the song is to be distributed and rest all is taken care by the application.

It uploads the songs and process the revenues at the end of the month. There are reports created that gives an insight on the performance of the songs on different DSPs.

Along with artists, labels can create an account and manage all their artists. They can also create a contract with the artist on the revenue sharing.  There are individual artist reports created along with cumulative label reports.

This all comes with a small fee and helps artist and labels in monetizing their digital contents which are their songs and albums.


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