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Digital Music Distribution is not only Limited to Distribution & Royalties, but also Includes Marketing & Promotions

Digital Music Distribution is not only Limited to Distribution & Royalties, but also Includes Marketing & Promotions

An artist monetize the created songs by distributing them on different DSPs. There are many platforms available that helps artist to distribute and process royalties. They charge small fees and helps artist in distribution and royalty processing. Just distribution of songs on different DSPs is not sufficient for an Artist. What is required is marketing and promotion. This gives a complete solution to the Artist.

There are different ways for marketing and promotion of a song

Following are some of the Strategies to promote music:

Social Media

These days, if you’re not on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it’s virtually such as you don’t exist. However, you'll not be victimization social media to it’s full potential to market your music. We will help you to promote your music in an interesting way. For example, if you’re an artist and released a new album, then we will sprinkling your updates on social media.

Generate traffic

We help you to drive traffic to your website and attracts new fan through social media page. We bring engagement with your existing ans and also encourage new fans.

Music Blog

If you want to promote your music, it isn’t on the subject of sharing things along with your fans. You also may need to achieve new audiences and convert them to fans. Bloggers are always looking for new content. Cryptex Technologies will help t o promote your music through blog and if your music is popular on a blog, it’s guaranteed to be seen by people who already like the genre!

Email Marketing

Your email list is an especially valuable tool to market your music. Email list is promoting to your current fan base. If somebody signed up for your email list, they need to listen to from you, therefore make the most of it! Your emails will be driving your fans. We are able to send thousands of mails at a time to your target audience.

Cryptex gives such complete solutions for Digital Music Distribution. There are many more strategies to promote your music, just join us and experience your popularity!


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