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Cut Your Mobile App Development Cost By Half Using Phonegap

Cut Your Mobile App Development Cost By Half Using Phonegap

The cost involved in the app development can be drastically reduced if appropriate tools are used for the development process. Switching to cross-platform mobile app development tools, such as PhoneGap helps in development pocket friendly apps. PhoneGap is cool app development tool, that is not only budget-friendly but also helps in placing the application in different platforms – left, right and center. The code for the app is written just once and then you can run it anywhere and everywhere.

If you are thinking of creating a pocket friendly application that too in a hybrid format then PhoneGap will be the only thing that will hinge around your thoughts. It is one of best technological tools that have been around for quite some time and there are many companies, Cryptex Technologies who are already making use of this effective tool.

Enhance User Experience

Earlier, the applications developed using PhoneGap faced many issues related to slow frame loading. However, now after the Sencha Touch users can smoothly navigate anywhere without facing any sort of downloading related issues. It is not wrong to say that after the fusion with Sencha PhoneGap has become even more advance.

Speedy Development

PhoneGap is now powered by Sencha Touch with 2.4 speeds. Hence, the app development and deployment process has enhanced greatly.

Support and Resources

With the drastic increase in the demand of PhoneGap the availability, the support and resources for the development of mobile apps on the PhoneGap platform has also increased.

Zero Limitations

Unlike any other app, users can easily include several native features and new technologies in the app. Cryptex Technologies make the best possible use of PhoneGap for creating functionally sound and cost effective mobile apps.


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