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Boost Your Business to Success with Virtual Exhibition

Boost Your Business to Success with Virtual Exhibition

  Everything is shifting from a physical, tangible experience to a more personalized, yet virtual interface. The dating game has changed with Tinder and you can even experience landing on the moon from Apollo 15 by just putting on those VR goggles. The dynamics of life have changed and with that has changed your lifestyle.


  Have you ever visited an exhibition? The hallways are swarming with people, everyone wants to go around in that stipulated time. Other than the high ticket fares, you can only visit the one exhibition on display for the weekend in your city, not those in Paris or Sydney.


 Cryptex has developed virtual exhibition software, an exhibition on the tiny screen you can carry around the entire day. Unlike the conventional, physical expos, this application allows you to access any exhibition from over the world, which is on display in the application. While the end user can choose the category of expo they wish to visit, the businessmen and companies can get a filtered audience, instead of a large footfall not converting into business.


  We at Cryptex have made sure that the virtual touch doesn’t sideline the human needs. With an inbuilt chat system using both audio and video functionality, the user can communicate with the exhibitor freely. Apart from reading the business brochures stacked on the book stand by the booth, the visitor can add it to his briefcase for referencing later.


Virtual Trade Fair


   Figure 1: Virtual Fair


Owners can present an online presentation of their work, products or simply an informative tour of the business. For future communication, they can provide their social media handle links along with the website link or Email ID on a virtual booth.


Virtual Exhibition Software

Figure 2: Virtual Stalls

  A feature of exchanging visiting cards is also provided on this booth. This can be treated as a trade show management software. 

The next step is to include a VR feature enabling the users to have a wholesome experience, touring in any exhibition they wish to.



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