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Bitcoin Continues to Get Momentum with Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Bitcoin Continues to Get Momentum with Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Big companies belonging to different parts of the world have already started trading with Bitcoin crypto currencies. However, now many small business owners and entrepreneurs are stepping forward to include this virtual currency in their own business activities. On 15th of June, a meeting takes place at the Hester Street Fair in New York City’s Lower East Side, where large numbers of artists, collectors and entrepreneurs have joined and planned to host NYC Bitcoin Fair for the year 2015.

Here, individuals associated with trading and business activities will be able to find large numbers of technological enthusiasts, innovative companies dealing with the virtual currency of Bitcoin, meet-ups, traders and more than 30 different small-scale businesspeople selling their top quality of artisan goods and food items for Bitcoin.

Suhyun Pak, who is one of the co-organizers of Hester Fair and Bitcoin Fair’s creator, commented, “Every Sunday, we will hold this fair to motivate online traders until 26th of October. This fair would definitely act as a perfect environment for the utilization of bitcoin. Majority of businesspeople attended the Hester Street Fair possess entrepreneurial feelings and have huge willingness to try innovative things. Even many of the attendees have shown huge excitements to stay at the fore front of new bitcoin trading technology.”

Another update about bitcoin trading highlighted that on West Coast, large numbers of restaurants located in San Francisco have started trading with Bitcoin. In fact, many of them use its old payment system as Bitpay and use it for 1% of the total transaction fee. Especially, one such restaurant of San Francisco had been accepting Bitcoin virtual currency since past few months.


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