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Automated Testing for Mobile App Using Calabash

Automated Testing for Mobile App Using Calabash

If you wants to do an automated-testing for mobile app, then calabash is one of the tool on which you can rely on. This tool helps the user to author as well as execute automated acceptance tests for mobile apps. The app supports Android and other native apps. It is an open source and therefore available free of cost. Developed by Xamarin, the tool consists of libraries that enable test code to interact pro-grammatically with the native as well as the hybrid apps.

The interaction consists of numerous end user actions that can be the following:-

  • Gestures
  • Assertions
  • Screenshots

The calabash helps in automating any IOS or Android based app. The app can be customized according to the needs and requirements of the user. In the context of the app, the Xamarin furnishes the automation framework, the device cloud.

Calabash supports the cucumber which allows the user to express the app behaviour using natural language that can be comprehended by business experts, non technical QA staff. It can be used to write automated acceptance tests with the aid of any Ruby based test framework.

The benefits of Calabash are that it is a perfect tool for acceptance tests. It does not require programming skills in Ruby. The user can only use the steps from the user story, make some minor changes according to the user interfaces. There are online links, websites where the users of Calabash can get enough information about the tool. From the online reviews, it is understood that the tool is popular for acceptance tests.


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