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Automated Code Quality Testing Is a Cutting Edge Over Manual Version

Automated Code Quality Testing Is a Cutting Edge Over Manual Version

In the prevailing technologically sound world paying due consideration on the quality of goods and services are very crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction. In addition, quality also maintains customer expectations, reputation, meeting standards and above all costs. Automated Code Quality Testing is a very popular concept in the Information Technology industry. Earlier, the concept of manual code quality testing was very popular but there were some limitations associated with the same, such as:

  • Manual code review is a slow process. On an average it covers only 100 to 200 lines per hour.
  • There were also various security related flaws in the testing process.
  • At a time human memory can keep seven items in memory that are helpful in performing the testing process but automated tools can keep hundreds or even thousands of criteria. This indeed does not eliminate the need of human reviewer, as they are the one can produce both false positive as well as false negative testing reports.

Moving ahead with the automated code reviewing tools, there are various tools that are available in the market that claims to offer efficient code quality testing. List of popular tools comprise of TraceRoute, Rack-Mini-Profiler, Brakeman, DeadWeight, CodeClimate, RubyCritic, Rails Best Practices and more.

Most of the tools that are mentioned above are paid and some does not ensure complete accuracy. However, Rails Best Practices is the one that helps in ensuring accurate result. Ruby on Rails is one of the niche technologies; there are very limited companies who work flawlessly on this technology.

Cryptex Technologies is one of the most renowned companies that work on ROR and also religiously follow Rails Best Practices. The very reason why Cryptex Technologies have a stable clientele is because of the code quality they maintain for creating web and mobile applications.


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