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A Brief Discussion about Integrate Bootstrap 4 into Rails

A Brief Discussion about Integrate Bootstrap 4 into Rails

Are you contemplating on installing the latest version of Bootstrap into your Rails project? Then you need to know which version of the Rails application you are using. The recent version of Rails is 5.0 and to create a Rails project, it is imperative to add a bootstrap to it. The newest version of bootstrap used for this purpose is Bootstrap 4.0.0-alpha.

Generate the Bootstrap CSS, JavaScript Files

This gives a new Rails app. The next step is to generate the bootstrap CSS, JavaScript files. In order to do so, it is important to visit the official bootstrap page for the alpha version, download the source files from there. The archive needs to be unpacked and CSS files need to be generated from the sources. Generating the Bootstrap CSS, JavaScript files involves a number of steps that include grunt-cli, navigating to the bootstrap folder, installing local dependencies, create gemset to isolate the dependencies, install bundler, install ruby dependencies, generate the CSS, JavaScript.

Load the Bootstrap

After generating the bootstrap CSS, JavaScript files, the next course of action is to load the bootstrap in the rails app. The loading of the bootstrap, too, involves a number of steps that one needs to follow. Details about the bootstrap loading process can be obtained from specific online contents. Later the user of Ruby on rails can initiate the server using rails s, load app in the browser by hitting localhost:3000.

This is how Bootstrap is integrated into Rails. Cryptex Technologies are expertise in integrating bootstraps into Rails.


  1. Take a look at my template Rails application which includes Boostrap 4 CSS and Jaavscript files inside it.

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